New Zealand is in a traffic light system for COVID-19 protection. The whole of New Zealand is in Red. To see what you need to do under each traffic light setting, there is more information on the government website HERE

With the recent move to the red level of the Covid Protection Framework (CPF) Orienteering NZ’s Council has re-evaluated its Covid Policy. The current policy allows clubs to decide if they wish to run events at each level of the CPF under that appropriate restrictions but prohibits major events to run at red level. Council have decided that the current plan is still fit for purpose and will continue to evaluate and evolve advice to orienteers as government updates dictate.

Click HERE to read Guidelines supplied by Orienteering NZ regarding event safety for each COVID 19 Alert Level

Given the government’s regulations, the committee has decided that, for the foreseeable future, all MOC events will be run using My Vaccine Pass requirements. We will continue to monitor government's requirements for gatherings and adapt our plan accordingly.

While at red status, all events will be pre-entry only and will have 2 start blocks with a max of 100 in each.  My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for use in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We are encouraged to use the app to check participants' My Vaccine Pass's.

For more information on  your Vaccine Pass and how to get yours HERE

Please check-in on this website regularly for details on each event, as changes may occur. 

The Marlborough Orienteering Club has COVID 19 protocols to keep everyone safe

Click HERE for our COVID19 Information