30 Jun 2022 (21:00) - 22 Sep 2022 (21:00) Add to calendar

The Winter Warmer Series maps are available after each event you can use Mapp Run for two weeks after the event has run.  If you wish to go out and try the course the maps can be downloaded via the links below:  

  1. Race 30th June - Mapp run available until 14th July - Map is here

  2. Race14th July - Mapp run available until 28th July - Map is here

  3. Race 28th July - Mapp run available until  11th August - Map is here

  4. Race 11th August - Mapp run available until 25th August - Map is here

  5. Race 25th August - Mapp run available until  8th September - Map is here

  6. Race 8th September- Mapp run available until 22nd September - Map is here