MOC Autumn Muster Rogaine

  • Wither Hills Farm Park

One of the highlights on the Marlborough Orienteering Club's calendar is the annual Autumn Muster Rogaine, which is this year being held on Sunday 26 May 9.30am - 2pm. Location is the Wither Hills Farm Park and some adjoining parks and vineyards. This year there is a cycle and E-bike option. Enter as a team with your family or friends. Participants will have an opportunity to plan their route ahead of the start at 11am, with the aim of getting as many points as possible within the three hour time frame. Make sure you're back within the three hours, to avoid points deduction of 30 points for every minute late.

Entry Fees (Per Person)

Orienteering Club members (any club) - Junior $25, Senior $35, Family $80 

Non-members - Junior $25, Senior $45, Family $105.

SportIdent (SI) – will be used for controls and timing. Only one required per team. The cost of hiring is included within the entry fee for all teams. People with their own SI need to enter the number into the online entry details. Please note: if you have your own SI please ensure that it can cope with up to 50x controls/punches. 

Entries may be capped due to the limited amount of SI Dibbers that we have available. There are 100 with 30x controls and 132 that can handle 50x controls. This allows for 232 teams. People with their own dibbers will be on top of this.

Cyclists, E-bikes and people that we know are experienced rogainers will be issued the 50s. Other people will be issued the 30s. 

Entries via Lil Regie - here

ENTRIES CLOSE 9:00PM SUNDAY 19 MAY 2024. This allows us time to get maps printed and other event logistics. 

9.30am Registration and Maps available for planning
10.45am Briefing
11.00am Start
2.00pm Finish (Refreshments and results as soon as possible)

Refund policy
30% refund - withdrawal within ten days before the event
No refunds for cancellations after the 22nd May