10/12/18 - Re SIAC. The stations will not be in beacon mode, so you can use your SIAC but you will have to poke it in the hole like all the common people!

08/12/2018 - We will not be using Air Cards. Standard SI Cards only.

Wardstock Orienteering Festival (South Island Champs)

Marlborough Orienteering invites and welcomes you all to a three day festival of orienteering, fun and good times located in and around the magnificent Eastern region of Marlborough!

The South Island Champs 2019 is our clubs offering to the NZ Orienteering community to come and run on two new maps in an area where we have never had maps before. "Post-earthquake Lidar examination of land movement conducted by GNS and the Marlborough District Council provided a great opportunity for new detailed maps by Wayfind Outdoors (Michael Croxford)." Having new maps will also allow the club to introduce orienteering to the Ward and Seddon Schools next year.

The Ward community has endured 3 major earthquakes in 4 years and the champs event is also an opportunity for us to engage with and support the local community. While MOCs main focus will be on the event the club has engaged with the Flaxbourne Settlers Association and the Seddon Lions.

The Seddon Lions will provide marshals during the event, putting up shelter and helping out on the course with safety, manning the water stations out on course and security at the Ward Domain while the events are taking place.

Camping at the Ward Domain is available Friday and Saturday (Sunday at the discretion of the caretaker). Facilities are basic with water, portaloos, a couple of permanent toilets, a large new covered shed with power, seating, tables and a stage where if wet or hot (shade) cooking and eating etc can be done. The money for camping is going to the Flaxbourne Settlers Assoc.  

We are offering a catered evening meal on Saturday night at the domain. Local Gal GG (Genevieve King) will be bringing her food truck and band of merry helpers to provide a gourmet sensation. There will be an Adults and Children’s options.

Draft menu here:

There is also a possibility of food being available on the Friday evening with GG at the Ward Domain and local Jody Edwards and the Kai Shack at the Ward Hall. Details to be confirmed. The Kai Shack will also be at the Long and Middle events.

Both the meal and camping ($25/site/night - that's per site not per person with a site being able to accommodate 4x people) will be on the Merchandise page of EnterO. We highly recommend and encourage you to take advantage of the evening meal and camping. It will add to the experience and also helps support the local community. Good karma for your course runs we hope!

There are very limited supplies available in Ward and we recommend that you stock up with food, fuel etc beforehand and be prepared to be self-sufficient.  

The landscapes and geological features of Ward are spectacular. Vistas overlooking Cook Strait, the chalk range and up to Tapuae-O-Uenuku are something to behold.

Wardstock? A friend of friend came up with the name and given its 50 years since the inaugural event we thought why not start with something new, a new era maybe? Whatever….. we’re working hard on making sure that the orienteering will be great, the whole festival will be about fun and what better way to end the school summer holidays. Peace out.

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