SportIdent (SI) Cards

You can hire a club SI-9 E-Card from the club at an event where they are to be used (not all events use them). We are no longer selling these as we need to retain a certain amount for hire and use at events. These, and other models can be purchased from other suppliers. We suggest your try MAPsport for more details on these and they can also be purchased from them too.   

Orienteering Tops

We have some old stock that we would like to clear and are offering these at a discounted price of $50 (original cost $75). We won’t be taking any new orders until July 2019 (start of newmembership year).

Tops are 2x Mens Medium, 2 x Mens Large, 1 x Mens XL, 1 x Women’s Medium and 1 x Women’s XL

If you would like to purchase a top please contact

Trimtex gear is specifically designed for orienteering - it's hardwearing and breathable.  


Other Gear

For other gear – compasses, gaiters, descriptions holders view the below websites. Don’t hesitate to ask someone about what gear or equipment they are using. We’re keen to share with you what we use, why, benefits etc. Most people are willing to let you have a try of their stuff.   

MAPsport -

Grassy Knoll -