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Autumn Muster Rogaine - Results here


Spring Series Event 4 - Results here 

Spring Series Event 3 - Results here

Spring Series Event 2 - Results here 

OY - Wither Hills Farm Park

Spring Series Event 1 - Results here

Winter Series Event 1 - Results here Maps Loop A, Loop B and Loop C

SISS Rogaine - Wither Hills Farm Park. Results and course map here

Autumn Muster Rogaine - Dumgree 

Summer Series -

Event 4 results here and Map here

Event 3 results here and Map here

Event 2 results here and Map here

Event 1 results here Map here


Pelorus Challenge 2020 - overall results  - here 

OY4 - Pelorus Challenge, Sunday 22 Nov, Sam's Creek - results here

OY3 - Pelorus Challenge, Saturday 21 Nov, Cape Campbell - results here

Picton Long Sprint, Sunday 9 November - results here

Winter series finale Score, Event # 6, Friday 18 September, Brayshaw Park - results here and course map here

Night Score, Event # 5, Friday 4 September 2020, Wither Hills Farm Park - results here 

Urban Score, Event # 4, Friday 21 August 2020, Renwick - results here and course map here

Long Sprint, Event # 3, Friday 7 August 2020 at Marlborough Girls College - summary results here, split results here and course map here

Urban Score O Series Event # 1, Thursday 20 Feb - results here


Ward OY3 - Weld Cone, Sunday 10 November - results/splits here

Whites Bay Score Event, Sunday 13 Oct - results here

Night Rogaine Friday 6 Sep, Wither Hills - results here, splits here and map here

Autumn Muster Rogaine - results here and link to the map and team routes here and team list here





Results here


Results here



Results here





















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Course map and teams routes here